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Kimberly-Clark Professional Introduces Wypall X90 cloths

October 11, 2010

Product provides 75% more oil absorption than Wypall X80 wipers.

Kimberly-Clark Professional has introduced its highest-performing wiper. New Wypall X90 Cloths provide 75% more oil absorption and 35% more water absorption than Wypall X80 Wipers.

The product is ideal for heavy wiping, prepping surfaces with solvents, and cleaning metal shavings and rough surfaces.

“These new wipers are so absorbent that fewer wipers are needed for cleanup tasks,” said David Hoeller, category manager, Kimberly-Clark Professional.“In addition, because the wipers are reusable, you get even more mileage out of every sheet.”

This translates into 35% less product waste versus other industrial wiping solutions as well as greater efficiency and productivity. Disposal and freight costs and required storage are also reduced, when compared to other types of wipers. Wypall X90 cloths are also portable, so wipers can be taken wherever they are needed.

Wypall X90 Cloths were created by a unique manufacturing process – hydro-entangling polyester fiber for softness and oil absorbency and wood fiber for water absorbency with an ultra-strong spunbond material via Kimberly-Clark Professional’s Hydroknit fabric technology.These two plies are then bonded together to create an extremely efficient and absorbent cloth.

Wypall X90 cloths are available in Pop-Up Box, BRAG Box and Jumbo Roll formats.

Kimberly-Clark Professional is offering a 60/20 guarantee, offering 20% guaranteed savings if customers replace cloth rags or shop towels with Wypall X90 Cloths for 60 days.

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