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Improved Baby Wipes From Akachan Honpo Are 100% Tencel

October 11, 2010

Lenzing's Tencel fibers are sustainable.

Akachan Honpo has launched new improved baby wipes that are 100% Tencel. The premium wipes are available both online and in all Japanese Akachan Honpo stores.The development of this private label brand began six years ago when Akachan took the strategic decision to minimize the use of lotions and added ingredients in their wipe products. The next stage in this development has been reached with the inclusion of Tencel fibers.

“We have a clear mission to develop baby wipes which are both gentle to sensitive baby skin and deliver the highest quality performance. As a result of studying possible materials we concluded Tencel fibers would meet parents’ requirements," said Mr Kennichi Fujiwara, general manager, Akachan Honpo.

Chris Potter, business manager Japan for Lenzing said, “The increasing importance of sustainability has positively impacted on the demand for cellulosic fibers.” Dr. Potter added,“The second important driver for our success is the enhanced performance offered by Tencel in wiping products.” A key purchasing criteria for baby wipes is skin friendliness. This is met by the smooth surface of Tencel which cleans effectively whilst preventing irritation of sensitive baby skin.

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