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Sustainable Insultation

October 1, 2010

Duflot Industrie provides sustainable and efficient solutions in response to the current challenges of the construction sector. Its wide range of thermal and acoustic insulation and landscape nonwovens are made with recycled materials, making it a wise economical and ecological choice for green builders. The company will be exhibiting on the French Pavilion, booth 1611, at Greenbuild 2010 from November 17-19 in Chicago.

Duflot Industrie researches, develops and manufactures nonwoven products globally for many applications in automotive, public transportation, aviation, personal protection and construction industries. The following products will be on display at Greenbuild: Acoustic under tiles: offers a solution to reduce structure-borne noise such as walking or foot-fall noise, dragging chairs, objects falling, etc. This nonwoven has been engineered to reduce impact noise specifically to isolate a hard surface floor form the sub floor. These tiles are available with or without mini-screed. This nonwoven has been evaluated to reduce structure-borne noise to around 18 decibels (final result depends on glue).

Root-control system: offers guaranteed protection against root damage to landscapes and hardscapes. This root barrier that easily fits into nearly any situation to inhibit tree, shrub and weed root growth into irrigation systems, sidewalks and parking lots, green roofs, landscaped areas, building foundations, levees, tennis courts and golf courses, pot-in-pot nursery trees, etc.

100% biodegradable mulching nonwoven: Typical plastic mulching film is hard to break down in the natural environment, resulting in more residue in the soil that poses a risk to farming and ecology. Duflot developed a 100% natural (FLAX & PLA fibers) nonwoven mulch adapted to be laid on a ground, which will stay stable 24 months (more or less depend on local weather) before being degraded with any damage for nature.


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