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Australian Eco Diaper Company Reports Increased Demand

September 2, 2010

OcoQuest adds orders for biodegradable diaper.

Perth, Australia-based OcoQuest Ltd. reports they have placed orders for an extra two million of its 90% biodegradable disposable nappies.

This surge in demand is in addition to an initial one million count order announced last week. The company is selling the diapers under the Little Takas brand name.

The second order of two million nappies is expected to arrive in November.

EcoQuest chairman Sylvia Tulloch said she wasn’t sure whether a baby boom had occurred but said demand had more to do about parents and their environmental conscience. “I don’t have all the stats, but I think parents are more concerned about the environment. Mothers can't really do what mothers have to do using the old cloth nappies, considering the time they waste and that you have to change them many more times to keep baby dry."

“The need and want for environmentally friendlier nappies is getting stronger and stronger,” Ms Tulloch said.

She said their diapers had the highest rating of biodegradability of any disposable diapersin the world and the company was confident they had sufficient supplies to meet demand.

EcoQuest announced earlier this month that it had signed retail distribution agreements for its nappies with retail brokerage firms PSSM and Strikeforce WA, two companies with widespread expertise negotiating sales and distribution with retail giants Coles, Woolworths, Target, Metcash and IGA.