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Quick-Change Cartridge

September 1, 2010

Elsner Engineering Works, Inc. announced that response to its release of a quick-change cartridge for its rotary perforator has been very positive. Elsner now includes this feature as standard on all of its new very popular Elsner Model ENR-1000 perforator rewinders built by the company.

We have received reports of major time savings from our customers who are making use of this design. Customers who have purchased new machines with this feature installed are now ordering components to upgrade their existing equipment. Therefore, we do offer it as a retrofit kit also, said Jay Roth, regional sales manager. The intent of the design was to increase efficiency of perforation pattern change-over. The previous offering from Elsner used a large number of mounting bolts to secure the blade to the machine. This was necessary to maintain position of the cutting edge while offering the adjustability across the web necessary to make a quality cut. With the new design, the adjustability is maintained while using only six bolts to remove the entire assembly from the machinedrastically decreasing changeover time.

Larry Fischer, sales manager, said, Elsner continually looks to its customers for feedback on our machinery. This and several other ideas have come directly from conversations with our top-tier customers. It has always been Elsners intent to solve the needs of its customers and develop partnerships that lead to long lasting relationships.