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Invista Polymer and Resins Expands Website

September 1, 2010

Invista, one of the world’s largest integrated polymers and fibers producers, has launched an expanded website featuring a portion of its global polyester polymer portfolio for the Polymer and Resins business. This expansion includes polyester polymer offerings for packaging resins, film, fiber and engineering resins.

“Invista Polymer and Resins has a large portfolio of polyester polymers including filled and functionalized copolyesters, as well as PET resins tailored for various downstream processes from high speed bulk continuous filament to extrusion blow molded bottles,” said Kevin Campbell, Invista’s managing director, U.S. polymer and PET resins. “With the website expansion, we can now highlight a larger portion of our portfolio to the industry.”

The website also features new product offerings, like PolyShield resin, a monolayer barrier resin; OxyClear barrier resin, an oxygen ingress barrier resin; Polyclear EBM PET, an extrusion blow molding grade PET; Polyclear Seal PET, a sealing grade PET; and Polyclear Contour PET, which exhibits high controlled shrinkage for applications such as shrink sleeves.


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