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Dual Head Splicer, Ultrasonic Bonder

September 1, 2010

Sonobond is offering two new machines. The Dual Head SpliceRite is a major breakthrough in fast, dependable wire splicing. The unit can handle wire bundles with cross-sectional areas of up to 100 square millimeters. It is especially suitable for assembling the heavy cables used for cars, trucks and industrial machinery. Sonobond is also offering SeamMaster High Profile Ultrasonic Bonder, which seals, seams, and trims nonwoven and synthetic fabricsincluding bulky materialsin one quick, reliable step. This unit has several important applications, including filtration assembly.

Sonobonds Dual Head SpliceRite Ultrasonic Wire Splicer has two welding heads, one on each side of the weld area. As a result, the unit can comfortably and reliably weld wire bundles with cross-sectional areas of up to 100 square millimeters. It also has the ability to accommodate tinned or oxidized wires that might otherwise stall the welding process. Non-ferrous similar and dissimilar metals can be welded with repeated accuracy. The welds produced have excellent conductivity. No other ultrasonic welder can accomplish all this in a single pulse, according to Sonobond.

Like all Sonobond metal spot welders, the Dual Head SpliceRite uses the patented Wedge-Reed system. This system combines high vibratory force with low amplitude coupling. During the welding process, high frequency ultrasonic energy is directed via the welding tip to the surface between the metals to be bonded. Vibratory energy disperses the oxides and surface films, creating a true metallurgical bond.

The Dual Head SpliceRite features heat-treated, tool steel taper lock tips that can last for 100,000 welds or more. These are designed for quick tooling changes and fool-proof placement. The unit has a 3,500-watt power supply and a microprocessor controller that stores and recalls up to 250 jobs. Welds can be controlled by height, by energy, or by time. The entire process is fast and very dependable.

Sonobonds SeamMaster High Profile Ultrasonic Bonder is very important to companies that manufacture ballistic vests. It is used to seal the outer nylon shell of the body armor with the ballistic-resistant materials inside. The results have been so dependable that an increasing number of manufacturers rely on this unit to help them comply with the latest National Institute of Justice (NIJ) submersion standards (NIJ 0101.06). These recently revised, more stringent standards require a leak-tight seam, even after full immersion in water for 30 minutes. Prior to this, NIJ standards only required protection from a spray shower.

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