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Ahlstrom, Eureka Forbes Develop Water Purifier

July 19, 2010

AquaSure to meet need for clean water in India.

Ahlstrom Group has partnered with Eureka Forbes Limited to launch a ground- breaking product to serve the growing needs for clean water in the Indian sub-continent. The device, designed and manufactured by Eureka Forbes, which will be sold under the brand name AquaSure, incorporates Ahlstrom's Disruptor filter media, a unique technology that removes a wide range of pathogens and submicron contaminants from water.

This new AquaSure storage water purifier removes all three types of contaminants—physical, chemical and microbiological—without the use of any chemicals and hence, gives not just microbiologically pure but safe drinkable water. Designed for the challenging conditions in distribution, storage and end-consumer use in developing markets like India, this technology eliminates the need to add disinfecting chemicals that raise potential public health and safety concerns. In addition, it offers consumers a simple, convenient and affordable way to purify their water, consistent with entrenched consumer habits.

Ahlstrom sees water purification as one of its key product areas for the future and continues to invest in expanding the capabilities of Disruptor technology.

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