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Total Quality Coding And Control Center

July 1, 2010

Optima is offering Total Quality Coding And Control Centre (TQCC). The TQCC internally combines weight control, metal detection, package encoding, product ejection and a statistics system.

The system’s checkweigher controls the precise number of products in each package. The integrated metal detection system finds even smallest non-ferrite and ferrite particles. Only those packages with quality defects are eliminated from the production process, signifying a cost saving.

The coding machine marks all packages that pass the controls. The statistical analysis of the TQCC helps to accurately identify and eliminate recurring or frequent mistakes.

The TQCC can be conveniently operated from the screen of the machine control, which also supports parameter settings for more than 100 different products. Format changes do not require tools and a parameter selection is carried out via the machine control of the production line.

Optima is also introducing OPTIMA OS, a solution for inexpensive high-grade paper towel packaging. The foil packages hold 33% more products when compared to cardboard of the same dimensions, according to the company.

Maximum output of the OPTIMA OS reaches 15 strokes/min during which 15 large packs are formed from 120 primary packages. The package format of 600 x 400 mm optimally exploits the standard pallet length. Other formats, however, are also feasible with a maximum width of 540 mm and height of 280 mm. Format changeover takes less than 15 minutes.

The 5t maximum press capacity of the OPTIMA OS5 allows extreme product compression. Applied by the use of shuttles, any quality loss is excluded: These shuttles convey the stacked and pressed formations into prefabricated polyethylene bags (secondary package) and then return to home position. During transport, there is absolutely no contact between the foils of the primary and secondary package, ensuring protection of a perfect product quality.