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Third Generation Line

July 1, 2010

EPS has successfully developed its third generation production line. Based on the second generation, the new line has been improved. The line has high-speed and a wider forming system with high uniformity, a hammer mill with various series specifications and calendar with Epson technology, embossing machine and flexible latex system.

The forming system of EPSs third generation production line uses zone control in the cross direction (CD) to increase the uniformity of paper. At the same time it allocates the on-line adjustable equalization device inside the vacuum forming head. The equalization device can be switched between automatic and manual, which is a quite simple and convenient way. The forming process is more fluent and even after the equipment testing and the data set is completed, the customer can take over the operation.

EPS developed a series of specifications of hammer mill which can process treated and untreated pulp with a width of 500 mm to 1100 mm. EPS hammer mill can be operated fully automated. The inlet of the frame is comprised of two unwinding stands, while there are two pulp inlets on the hammer mill, the system can automatically switch to the next roll, and also can be feed at the same time, which can shorten the time for volumes and improve defibration efficiency. EPS hammer mill runs stable and has good defibration efficiency.


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