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RoofTopGuard II, Aptra Microporous Films

July 1, 2010

Silcart S.r.l., a leading producer of waterproofing materials for the roofing industry, and Underlayments Specialites Plus, a sales and marketing company to independent roofing distributors throughout North America, both recognize Aptra UV8 microporous film and RoofTopGuard II made by RKW as a critical component for their high quality breathable roofing underlayments.

We clearly saw Aptra films intrinsic characteristics of breathability, UV resistance and strength were better than any other film we used. No other film in roofing underlayment products performs this way, said researcher, Lisanna Scalco. Both breathability and UV resistance are important issues for roof protection and impermeability. Our products, made with Aptra, avoid the creation of condensation in the roof and, in the facade application, allowing the house to breath, improving overall comfort and adding protection. Aptra UV8 is the best film for our roofing application and allows us to produce top quality products.

Morris Collins, president, RKW US said, Our customers play a vital role in the success of our technologies by providing complex application considerations. Were excited to bring film innovation to the roofing industry and a wide range of end-use solutions.

RoofTopGuard II High Performance Roofing Underlayment is a superior strength five-layer polypropylene/polyethylene. Characteristics of the underlayment include: hurricane-proof resistance against tears or rips in high winds, breathability, allowing air to pass through while repelling moisture, mildew and mold resistant, 100% resistant to insects, vermin, mold, rot and the elements. Suitable for all roofing materials, able to be exposed to the elements for up to six months without degradation and guaranteed for 30 years.

Aptra UV8 is a lightweight, UV stabilized, water resistant, non-abrasive polypropylene film with excellent bonding, barrier and degradation properties. Used as a composite in outdoor applications, breathable Aptra UV8 resists molds, mildews and produces less ash when incinerated. End-use applications include roofing underlayment; automotive covers, protective clothing, house wrap and other applications in the industrial maintenance, petrochemical, nuclear, packaging and construction industries.

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