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Invista Europe Polymer & Resins Renews Commitment to Innovation

April 19, 2010

European team under new leadership.

Leveraging its strengths in innovation, in its assets and its operational excellence, the INVISTA European DMT and Polyester business is looking at each aspect of the business for further growth opportunities and improvements.

The key focus areas for the business remain innovation and creating value for its customers by providing high-value packaging resins, like PolyShield® resin, specialty polymers and DMT sales, as well as a portfolio renewal of technically-challenging polymers. While continuing to provide its customers with the existing range of high quality products and services, INVISTA is also further developing its wide-range of polymer products by adding new features for new market applications.

The primary production facility in Europe for INVISTA Polymer & Resins is situated in Gersthofen, Germany. A wide-variety of DMT- and PTA-based polyesters (Homo-, Co-Polymers, traditional and alternative catalyst systems, varying IV’s) for technical, textile, film and packaging applications are manufactured at this site. For high-value packaging applications, INVISTA’S PolyShield® resin brand is well-known for its outstanding barrier properties.

The continuous pilotscale polyester polycondensation line at the research and development centre in Gersthofen offers a rare opportunity and the flexibility to produce customized polyesters via DMT or PTA. This line allows the scaling-up of supply from small trial quantities to various bulk market quantities from one source, depending on the customer’s needs. INVISTA Polymer & Resins is also offering this R&D service to the market.

To further the strength of INVISTA Europe’s Polymer and Resins Business, the team is under new leadership. At the end of 2009, Ottmar Schmidt took over the role of general manager of the European INVISTA Polymer & Resins business. He brings more than 20 years of industry experience and more than 15 years in the DMT and polyester businesses.

“We have successfully adjusted our organization and asset-base to future market challenges and are operating now with the economically optimum number and size of polymerization lines to serve our customer needs with a broad product portfolio. During this transition we demonstrated flexibility and reliability in our customer relations, and we will further increase our efforts to integrate their needs and ideas into our innovation activities," said Ottmar Schmidt. “We want to work closely with our current and future customers to continue to supply them with our existing high-quality products and to help them realize new developmental opportunities. We will continue to develop successful customer relationships in highly demanding applications of polyesters.”