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Edelmann, Trascar Partner

April 13, 2010

New relationship to advance packaging and handling of nonwovens.

Edelmann Technology and Trascar Packaging System have forged a partnership to combine Edelmann’s expertise in nonwoven winders and slitters with Trascar’s packaging systems. Edelmann’s technology includes: completely hands-off core-cutter and positioning equipment without spacer rings and protection tubes, in-line winders for up to 800 meters per minute.; simultaneous positioning of all knifes in the automatic knife positioning system and its latest breakthrough, the Hybrid winding, which has exceeded expectations in the offline process. Meanwhile, since 1973 Trascar has specialized in the industrial handling automation field and has for many years expertise in providing a complete realization of packaging and handling systems.

Through its wide experience in packaging and handling systems, Trascar is in the position to jointly develop and offer packaging solutions for inline and offline slitter-winders as well as for a 5.6-meter-wide Hybrid slitter-winder. Trascar is the only packaging supplier able to offer this wide range of packaging solutions and specially cope with the number of rolls per hour produced by the Hybrid slitter-winder of Edelmann Technology.

As they embark upon this strategic alliance, both companies will stay focused on their area of expertise and continuously develop it further to better serve the roll producers in the nonwoven industry while at the same providing a single source to resolve all packaging needs together with winders and slitters

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