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SCA Adds Flair to Fem Hy Containers

April 8, 2010

Ten new tin styles cater house Nana liners in France.

SCA’s French feminine hygiene brand, Nana, has expanded its fashion tin collection into stylish containers for liners. “Our tins meet a real need for women to be able to carry sanitary protection in their handbags with hygiene, discretion and femininity; without the frustration of having these products become dirty or lost in their bags,” said Aude Robin, SCA product manager for Nana towels in France. “In France, these designer tins have become a strong promotional concept that consumers regard as definitively belonging to SCA’s Nana brand. In local consumer research and also at a European level, the tin concept always tops the list of consumer preferences.”

Last year’s NANA tin collection was created by famous Spanish designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada.

The NANA tins collection for 2010 comprises 10 designs, catering to the different styles that women might prefer to express themselves with. To strengthen this year’s collection, the tins are also complemented by five stylish choices of purses for liners.

“Women across Europe have very different opinions about style, but the common insight for every woman is the universal desire to be fashionable,” explained Annie Graia, SCA marketing director for Southern Europe. “Therefore NANA is the stylish solution when it comes to transporting sanitary protection.”

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