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Nip Sensor

April 1, 2010

Sensor Products, Inc. (SPI) announced that it has entered into a working relationship with Flexpoint Sensor Systems Inc. for the development of a “nip sensor” and for SPI to market and distribute Flexpoint’s patented Bend Sensors through their extensive sales, marketing and distribution network.

Sensor Products Inc. is a world leader in the niche field of tactile surface pressure and force sensors. Flexpoint is currently proceeding under a purchase order from SPI on the development of a “nip sensor” utilizing Bend Sensor technology. Prototypes of the nip sensor have been delivered to SPI for testing. The nip sensor will be utilized to measure actual contact (interfacial) pressure and distribution between two mating or impacting surfaces. These products are analytical tools used in the manufacturing and R&D processes by engineers and technicians. SPI’s customized and off-the-shelf systems are installed within all of the Fortune 500 industrial companies.

“In most cases, the goal of a nipped roller system is to provide uniform pressure across the web, but diameter variations, hardness variations, misalignment, deflection, web thickness variations, and uneven loading can all lead to undesired pressure distributions and a variety of defects,” stated Jeffrey Stark, president of Sensor Products. “Understanding the root causes of these defects and their common remedies can quickly improve profitability.”

Flexpoint’s president, Clark Mower stated, “We are excited to be involved with Sensor Products, Inc. and look forward to a long relationship with them as we progress with the development of the nip sensor and other products. Their desire to act as a marketer and distributor of Bend Sensor products is a significant development as well and is further evidence that Flexpoint has matured beyond a R&D only company.”