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Leigh Fibers to Expand South Carolina Plant

March 25, 2010

Investment expected to create 40 new jobs.

Leigh Fibers, Inc., a supplier of reprocessed and raw fibers, has announced plans to expand its manufacturing plant in Wellford, S.C.The $10.1 million investment is expected to generate 40 new jobs over the next five years.

“We continue to see an increase in demand for our products and services, and this expansion will help us better serve our customers as well as position us for future growth," said Keith Taylor, president of Leigh Fibers, Inc."Our plans to invest in the Wellford facility will not only promote job growth, but will also have a positive environmental impact on our county and state by minimizing waste going to landfills.We believe these investments will foster an entrance into a Green Economy less impacted by foreign imports and support the manufacturing base within the state."

Leigh Fibers recycles textile waste at its plant and uses the recycled material to manufacture new fibers.The company will add new equipment at its plant that will allow it to diversify its product offerings.Leigh supplies high-quality, environmentally-friendly materials to meet manufacturers’ particular needs in a wide range of markets, including automotive, construction, erosion control, home furnishings, nonwovens, and traditional textiles.Leigh Fibers imports and exports materials in over 25 countries around the world.

"Leigh Fibers has a strong history in South Carolina and this expansion is indicative of the company’s success in evolving its business model to remain competitive in today’s economy," said Joe Taylor, South Carolina Secretary of Commerce."Leigh Fibers has been an important part of South Carolina’s business community for a number of years, and today the company is on the cutting edge of producing reprocessed fibers that are being used in a large variety of industries.Leigh Fibers’ expansion in our state is another sign that South Carolina continues encourage growth by providing a solid foundation for success with a skilled workforce and business-friendly climate.Leigh Fibers has positioned itself well for future growth and we hope today’s announcement will be the first of many expansions to come in the years ahead.”

“We are pleased Leigh Fibers, a long-time corporate citizen of Spartanburg County, is diversifying and growing the operation here," said David Britt, chairman of Economic Development Committee of Spartanburg County Council and board member of the Economic Futures Group."We are always excited when existing companies grow, verifying Spartanburg County as an excellent location to do business."

Leigh Fibers will complete the expansion over the next five years.The company has already begun hiring and filling some of its new positions and expects to fill the remaining positions in stages over the next five years.

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