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Nanofiber Meltspinning Machinery

February 1, 2010

Hills, Inc. offers proven, high-productivity extrusion machinery for making polymeric nanofibers in meltblown, spunbond, staple fiber and filament yarn formats. Since 1971, Hills has provided state-of-the-art fiber extrusion machinery and know-how to the world’s leading manufacturers of nonwovens and synthetic fibers. Hills’ core technology is its patented “printed circuit board” method of manufacturing precision polymer flow passages to extrude complex fiber cross sections containing two or more polymers. Hills has applied this unique technology to enable the manufacture of polymeric nanofibers and webs containing nanofibers in a practical and cost-effective way.

Hills spunbond machines, using its proprietary extrusion technology, make microfiber and nanofiber spunbond webs via splittable bicomponent pie fibers and islands-in-the-sea dividable fibers. Nanofibers under 500nm are easily produced at rated orders of magnitude greater than that of any other method. Some high-value markets being served are artificial leather substrates and filtration media.

Hills meltblown machines make a variety of products for filtration applications, breathable barriers and other high-value uses. Low- and sub-micron fibers are particularly useful in creating HEPA filter media and in minimizing the weight of meltblown fabric needed. Hills’ unique technology permits great design flexibility so that the customer’s die can be tailored to make specific, high-value products (choice of polymers, fiber average sizes from under 250nm to 10+ microns in diameter, also bicomponent fibers). Hills’ dies are designed for very high polymer pressure, hole count up to 100+hpi and unlimited capillary L/D, which permits tailoring to fit the customer’s polymer and product needs.

The same nanofiber production technology used in Hills’ spunbond machinery is also available in Hills staple fiber and continuous filament yarn machinery. Splittable/dividable multicomponent fibers can easily create nanofibers at the high production rates of simple homopolymer machines.

Laboratory and pilot extrusion machines for all of the above processes are also offered. Customers may also utilize laboratory machines at the Hills facility in Florida and at several other institutions worldwide, to support their product development work.


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