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Jacob Holm Upgrades Filtration System With Idrosistem

February 1, 2010

New systm reduces bacteria, increases water quality.

Idrosistem energy srl, Italy, has successfully upgraded the water filtration system for Jacob Holm's Soulz, France spunlace line.

“The results of this filtration plant, in terms of bacteria reduction and water quality, are beyond our expectations”said Saverio Trevisan, president of Idrosistem. "The bacteria level is so low that from this point of view the filtered water is comparable to the drinkable one. The process is composed by a combination of ozone and UVC sterilization that avoids any use ofbiocide in the water loop. We can say that this plantis really the 'best in class' among our more than 50 spunlace water filtration lines."

"This investment reflects Jacob Holm’s commitment to developing a new range of sustainable products targeting both existing and new markets” said Stephen Landon, president and COO of Jacob Holm.

Idrosistem is a leader in filtration plants for spunlace lines and uses innovative technologies some of them covered by patents. The company supplied more than 50 water filtration plants to the most important spunlaceproducers Worldwide.

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