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Metering System

January 1, 2010

Graco has launched the PCF Metering System. The system is intended to ensure a precisely controlled, continuous flow of single-component materials, resulting in smooth, consistent beads, dots and spray patterns. The system’s advanced pressure sensors and flowmeters take feedback from the fluid stream, adjusting the flow rate for even subtle changes in material temperatures, viscosities, dispense rates or robot speeds. Closed-loop technology and real-time adjustments allow the Graco PCF to deliver a highly precise, continuous dispense, saving on material waste and part re-work.

Graco claims the Advanced Display Module provides easy setup, material monitoring and system diagnostics. Its intuitive user interface simplifies set-up, reducing start-up and training time. The integrated USB interface allows users to download process data onto a flash drive for further analysis, and allows for archival of valuable set-up parameters.


Universal Strength Tester

James H. Heal has launched Titan Universal Strength Tester (CRE). With the increased ability to work in tension and compression and the introduction of a wide variety of new tooling and accessories and updated software, users will find Titan “offers a whole new suite of opportunities,” according to the company. This instrument has a maximum capacity of 3000N and is ideal for testing a wide variety of materials including textiles, nonwovens, paper and plastics. Tensile strength, seam slippage, tear strength, security of attachments, cyclic and elastomeric, compression and ball-burst tests are all pre-loaded in the software.