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Survey Says: Incontinence Is An Ongoing Issue For Caregivers

November 12, 2009

SCA Personal Care's survey finds Incontinence affects caregivers.

SCA Personal Care, makers of the TENA brand of bladder-weakness and incontinence products, recently partnered with to conduct a nationwide survey of how incontinence management affects family caregivers. Over 500 respondents from across the nation shared their perspective on caring for an aging loved one with incontinence and the surprising physical and emotional impact it has on their lives.

According to the and TENA survey, one in two baby boomers are caring for an aging parent and these boomers report that they need more time and information.Of the challenges, 65 percent say they are dealing with incontinence in a parent, grandparent or spouse and aren’t sure how to best manage the situation.

The survey also found the following: 70% report incontinence as an ongoing issue with their loved ones; 42% said dealing with their loved one’s incontinence sometimes leads to depression; and 75% of survey respondents report their efforts are not working.