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New Additive for Flame-Retardant Textiles

November 1, 2009

Dow Corning Corp. is unveiling Dow Corning DS-9000 Eco Repel, an eco-friendly, multifunctional encapsulated silicone additive for technical textiles. Jointly developed with Devon Chemicals, this technology allows apparel manufacturers to increase softness and hydrophobicity on existing flame-retardant finishes without impacting flame retardancy.

Peter Wu, Dow Corning’s Asia technical manager for textiles said, “Most current flame retardant chemicals negatively impact the softness of the textile, leading to very harsh fabrics, which then become uncomfortable to wear garments. Moreover, the material type predominantly used in textile multifunctional treatment additives for flame retardancy contains fluorocarbon derivatives, which arouse increasing concerns of safety and environmental issues.”


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