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Oerlikon Adds Meltblown Pilot

October 27, 2009

New technology to aid internal development, customer trials.

Oerlikon Neumag has added a meltblown pilot line to its Neumünster, Germany research center. The meltblown stand-alone line will be dedicated to supporting the development of all standard meltblown applications like fine fiber barrier fabrics or filtration composite media. With this installation, a small, compact line design with a working width of 0.6 meters was developed, which can also be applied for industrial production lines with working widths up to 0.8 meters and which is especially suitable for the production of niche products.

Last year, the existing spunlaid pilot plant was already expanded with one additional spunlaid beam and a meltblown beam to total three beams. Both plants are not only used for the internal further development but are also available for customer trials. The meltblown line can also be extended with other web forming technologies like spunlaid and carding, realizing multi-compound nonwoven webs with optimized product qualities and characteristics.

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