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AutoLoader Reduces Labor Costs

Published October 1, 2009
Appleton Mfg. divisionís AutoLoader, in combination with the P510 Programmable Core Cutter or other Appleton core cutters, offers increased flexibility in automating efficiencies in the core cutting process. The AutoLoader reduces labor costs, while increasing productivity by freeing up operator time from mundane tasks to perform more complex jobs. When combined with Appleton Mfg. divisionís P510 Automated Core Cutter or other Appleton core cutting solutions, the AutoLoader system provides a modular approach to expanding system automation for all aspects of core handling.

The AutoLoader provides manufacturers with a wide array of benefits including the following: reduced labor to load, sort and handle cores; non-stop, uninterrupted production; reduced injury liability; increased, reliable productivity; and improved operating efficiencies with less staff.

ďThe Appleton AutoLoader leverages technology to increase productivity and enhance the quality of production,Ē said Mark Rasper, engineering manager. ďAutomating this task significantly reduces the time required of operators, resulting in lowered operating expenses.Ē

The AutoLoader can be readily integrated with all current Appleton core cutter models, except for the S210 Semi-Automatic Core Cutter. In addition, the AutoLoader can be retrofitted to older Appleton core cutters that may already be in use.