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Bong, DuPont Form Tyvek Deal

September 1, 2009

Swedish company to sell envelopes and pockets in Western Europe.

Stockholm, Sweden-based Bong has entered into an exclusive agreement with DuPont for the manufacturing, marketing and sales of Tyvek branded envelopes and pockets and postal packaging solutions in Western Europe. The Tyvek envelopes and postal packaging products is a well-established business with an annual turnover of more than €10 million.

Bong expects the deal to help gorw its sales by more than SEK 100 million on an annual basis from the second half of 2010.

“Tyvek is a well-known and successful brand in the envelope industry. Customers throughout Europe use Tyvek envelopes and packaging solutions on a daily basis, especially when the mailing is of extra importance,” said Bong’s president and CEO Anders Davidsson. “Tyvek fits exceptionally well into our ProPac strategy, and we are excited about the opportunity to develop Tyvek in the years to come. I believe the Tyvek material can be used for a number of new, interesting applications, e.g., for use by e-business and mail order companies.”

Bong will buy the Tyvek material from DuPont’s Luxembourg plant and convert it into finished products in its production sites around Europe, predominantly in Wuppertal, Germany. Bong is also planning to subcontract part of the manufacturing and distribution to third parties in order to secure high availability and easy access to the products for the end-users. Bong will market and sell Tyvek envelopes and postal packaging solutions as a part of its ProPac range.

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