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Truetzschler Reorganizes Into Three Units

August 10, 2009

Company comprises spinning, nonwovens, card clothing

After acquiring Erko Truetzschler GmbH in Duelmen, Germany in April 2009, the Truetzschler group is restructuring itself into three business units—spinning, nonwovens and card clothing. The change will enable Truetzschler to focus even more clearly on customers' needs and to optimize the services it offers.

Truetzschler Spinning includes headquarters in Moenchengladbach as well as sites in the U.S., India, Brazil and China; the product range covers all the equipment needed for fiber preparation in spinning mills, from the blow room to cards and draw frames, even combing machines.

TruetzschlerNonwovens is composed of two German companies Fleissner in Egelsbach and Erko Truetzschler in Duelmen, as well as American Truetzschler in the U.S. This unit’s mission is to produce and sell cutting edge technology at reasonable prices. The company provides complete systems and solutions, not only contributing technologies. The product range includes complete staple fiber preparation and web formation with roller cards or aerodynamic web formers.

Truetzschler Card Clothing makes and sells the entire range of card and roller card clothings.

The Truetzschler management team includes two managing partners Heinrich Truetzschler and Michael Schuerenkraemer as well as the managing directors Dirk Burger and Andreas Ebenhoeh, responsible for managing the group as well as the individual units.

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