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Ahlstrom Corporation has made an important change to its executive team

August 1, 2009

Ahlstrom Corporation has made an important change to its executive team. Senior vice president Paul Marold, who is responsible for Ahlstrom’s Advanced Nonwovens business area, has elected to resign from Ahlstrom’s service in order to pursue other career opportunities. He will leave his position by August 14, 2009. The Advanced Nonwovens business area will be led by Risto Anttonen, deputy of the president and CEO, on an interim basis until a permanent successor has been appointed. Ah­lstrom's Advanced Non­wovens business area develops and manufactures nonwoven materials for the food packaging and medical industries.

"I would like to extend my thanks to Mr. Marold for his excellent contribution for Ahlstrom and wish him the best of success in his future career," stated Jan Lång, president and CEO of Ahlstrom.
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