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Sandler Celebrates 130th Year

June 1, 2009

German roll goods producer established in 1879 as a cotton wool factory.

Sandler AG celebrated its 130th anniversary at its Schwarzenbach/Saale, Germany headquarters on May 15 in the presence of many high profile guests. In addressing the crowd, CEO Christian Heinrich Sandler highlighted success factors such as market orientation, demanding quality management, cooperation with universities and research institutions as well as credible relationships with customers and suppliers. Investments in high-performance manufacturing lines were always addressed with solid financing, he said.

“We look back on a positive first quarter and are well set-up with regard to possible challenges of the economic and financial crisis. We are steering our ship on a successful course—despite headwind and seas becoming rough. We are sailing by sight and we are prepared for potentially necessary evasive manoeuvres, without losing sight of our long-term goals,“ explained Dr. Sandler.

Established in 1879 as a cotton wool factory in Hof, the company today ranks among the top producers of nonwovens in Europe and is active in the hygiene, wipes, automotive, filtration, technical, furniture and fashion markets. More than half of its products are less than five years old. During the past ten years, Sandler has invested €90 million to grow its business with turnover increasing from €90 to €166 million. The number of employees has risen by 20% to 485 and the company’s export rate exceeds 60%.

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