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Clariant Acquires XL Performance Chemicals

May 20, 2009

Company expands global reach in defoamer products market.

Three months after embarking on a strategic alliance to serve the $2 billion-plus worldwide foam control market, Clariant is acquiring Dalton, GA-based XL Performance Chemicals from Fibro Chem LLC and its affiliates. Terms of the purchase were not disclosed.

The acquisition unites Clariant’s extensive network of sales, technical service and support with XL Performance Chemicals’ proven know-how and family of
technologies for more than 100 different foam control products in end use markets where Clariant already has a substantial global presence—metal working, paints and coatings, mining, oil services, crop protection, construction, textiles and paper.

“We see great business opportunity here in a global market that exceeds $2 billion and is growing annually at a rate of 4-5%,” said Hugh Fowler, North American head of Functional Chemicals at Clariant. “At some point in virtually every manufacturing process, our own included, foam is created. Eliminating this foam or bubbles from such products as paints or cements is essential for these products to perform optimally as designed. With the addition of the XL D-Foam-RTM products to our range, we can offer customers an even better comprehensive end-to-end solution to their foam-control challenges.”

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