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INDA Offering Wipes Study

April 30, 2009

Report includes sales of wipes by major retailers and distributors in North America.

High growth of the North American consumer and industrial/institutional market is projected in a soon-to-be-released report from INDA, Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry. Available in June, the report, titled “Wipes, Nonwovens Industry Outlook Trends & Forecasts, North America 2008 – 2013,” includes all sales of wipes by major retailers and distributors in North America.

One of the major benefits of this new report is the inclusion of all sales of wipes in all major distribution channels. While most reports of the wipes industry are incomplete as they do not report sales estimates for major outlets such as Wal-Mart, Dollar, Convenience and Club stores, which can account for up to50% of total sales for certain SKU’s, the new INDA report provides the real numbers and includes all sales in North America.

“We are astounded at the phenomenal growth of the wipes industry, with some markets growing in the double-digit range per year,” said Ian Butler, INDA director of research and the author of the report, which updates many of the findings of an original report published in 2005. “Due to this industry’s expansion, we deemed it important to research and write the second edition of INDA’s Wipes Report.”

The report is available for $2200 for INDA members and $3000 for non-members. A pre-publication discount of 10% is offered until June 24. In addition, a one-hour consultation with Butler is offered as a bonus with the purchase of the report.

The report covers a wide scope of markets and technologies within the Wipes market, including

• Baby Wipes
• Personal Wipes, including Adult Moist, Antibacterial, Facial, Incontinent/Bathing, Intimate Feminine Care and Toddler Flushables
• Household Cleaning, including General Cleaning, Glass/Furniture Polish, Hard Surface/Disinfecting, and Wet and Dry Floor Cleaning

In addition, critical data is provided on major wipes brands, product construction, laundered shop towels and flushable wipes.

This report reviews the growth of the North American Wipe Industry in the 21st Century and provides a five-year forecast through 2013. The major consumer and industrial/institutional segments are analyzed separately. Current volumes by segment and a forecast through 2013 are provided in square meters and tons. The total tonnage of nonwoven volume used in wipes is broken down by nonwoven technology.

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