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April 1, 2009

Independent Machine Co. of Fairfield, NJ has developed its latest system for slitting and traverse winding hook & loop polypropylene. The new 14-inch wide system includes a two-position cantilevered unwind for supplying rolls up to 48 inches in the operational direction with auto edge guide and adjustable tension control. An auto tape splice is positioned between the unwind positions and is activated by either the operator or roll diameter signal. The web from the waiting position is placed in the splice fixture with PSA splice tape. As the active roll expires a butt splice is initiated and the waiting roll is activated. A sufficient amount of material is stored in the pneumatic accumulator/dancer as_sembly to enable a zero speed splice to be completed at line speeds to 250 FPM. The slitter is the main speed reference for the system with a speed range to 1000 FPM and accommodates interchangeable assemblies for shear, score and razor slitting.

Each of the 26 cantilevered Smart_winder-2000 traverse winding positions accommodates spools up to 20 inches wide x 25 inches OD. The system is easily expandable for additional winding positions. Each position operates completely independently of all other positions and has a computerized, fully adjustable, servo driven traverse that will vary pitch, stroke length, end dwell and winding pattern through Smartwinders software.

Precise programmable rewind tension at each position accurate to within 7 grams is controlled by a closed loop follower drive system through the exclusive IMC Dancer/Tension Controller with a 25:1 tension range. The operator Touchscreen has recipe storage capability for all winding operating parameters and machine function settings.


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