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Freudenberg Household Products Opens Headquarters

January 30, 2009

Facility units entire staff under one roof.

Freudenberg Haushaltsprodukte KG (FHP) is officially opening its global headquarters in the Weinheim Technology Park today. The company has invested more than eight million euros in the 7000-square-meter Vileda House. The building will bring 200 members of staff employed by international player Freudenberg Haushaltsprodukte KG, FHP Export and Vileda GmbH Germany together under one roof. FHP's global headquarters is creating around 100 new jobs in Weinheim. Germany. By building the new Vileda House in the Technology Park, Freudenberg Household Products is making a clear demonstration of its confidence in and loyalty to Weinheim as an industrial location in the Rhine-Neckar region.

Freudenberg wants to set a positive example with the new company headquarters. "The decision in favor of a new building and Weinheim, our original location, is oriented to the company's long-term strategic objectives. Vileda leads the global market in the mechanical household cleaning sector and we are aiming to take over this position in all of the world's important markets,” said Peter Bettermann, spokesman for the management board. "The concepts, the brand and sales strategies and the products are developed here in Weinheim and they are carried out into the world from here as well.”

FHP's global headquarters is the first project to have been completed in Weinheim Technology Park. Situated directly adjacent to Weinheim Industrial Park, the new technology estate is expected to boost Weinheim's innovative potential. Apart from being easily accessible, the other advantages of the location can be attributed to its infrastructure. Other companies with premises in the Technology Park can avail themselves of the services offered by the Freudenberg Innovation Center, Freudenberg New Technologies and Freudenberg IT.

The building has been designed in the form of a letter "V" for Vileda, the flagship brand of Freudenberg Household Products. "The new Vileda House is a modern, flexible building that provides a creative atmosphere and facilitates team-oriented communications,” said Klaus-Peter Meier, managing director of Freudenberg Haushaltsprodukte KG, explained. “It has become a real "Vileda" building and I am confident that we will feel at home here and come up with lots of good ideas.”

The global headquarters building not only complies with the statutory construction regulations relating to energetic characteristics but surpasses them by a long way. With high-quality thermal insulation, innovative building core activation and utilization of Freudenberg's district heating network, the building's energy demand amounts to less than 100 kW per square meter per year, for example. Only recently, Freudenberg received the sustainable construction seal of approval for this building from Wolfgang Tiefensee, the German Federal Minister for Transport, Building and Urban Affairs. This award assess all aspects of sustainable building - ecological, economic and sociocultural - and also takes engineering, processes and site quality into consideration.

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