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INDA To Host Flushability Workshop

October 15, 2008

Course to be held Nov. 5 In Michigan.

A Flushability Guidelines Workshop will be held in Ann Arbor, MI on Wednesday, November 5. The event will take place in the NSF International Headquarters, Vaughn Room & NSF Testing Laboratory in Ann Arbor. Attendees will see first-hand the tests to assess the flushability of nonwoven products and will examine the scope and sequence of the testing procedures, as well as learn how to determine a product's flushability.

INDA and EDANA member companies developed the Flushability Guidelines over a three-year period and published them in June 2008 because there was no clear definition and industry tests for flushability. To be effective it is imperative that 100% of companies who develop or market flushable products implement the Guidelines and clearly label products as either flushable or non-flushable.

The seminar is designed to help the industry gain experience in the testing protocols and a comprehensive knowledge of the Flushability Guidelines. NSF has been qualified by INDA as a laboratory capable of conducting the flushability test methods. Presentations by INDA member companies will be made on the overall approach and NSF will illustrate the testing procedures in their laboratory.  By the end of the day attendees will learn how the flushability of a product is assessed.

Drew McAvoy and Gayle Rece of Procter & Gamble and Pete Lortscher of Kimberly-Clark will walk attendees though the guidelines and help them gain a comprehensive knowledge about the test methods used for assessing flushable products.  They will also go over how to interpret the results for assessing a flushable product.

The Flushability Guidelines Workshop is limited to 40 people. The cost of the course is $95.