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PGI Targets Acoustic Market

September 16, 2008

Spunmelt fabric designed to improve sound absorption.

PGI has recently launched acoustic nonwoven technology designed to improve sound absorption. The company has developed a spunmelt fabric that can be used with foam, insulation, meltblown, highloft or other sound absorption materials as the outside facing material that enhances the composite’s noise abatement.  
The thin, lightweight material (W600) has been shown to reduce noise by 40% without adding substantial thickness or bulkiness, according to independent laboratory testing results comparing it to materials without the additional sound barrier fabric layer from PGI.
“PGI is providing the silence within the newest quieter home appliances from major manufacturers,” said Mike Hillard, director of sales for PGI’s industrial development group. “We are helping our customers achieve improved noise reduction without adding a lot of bulk to the composite material. Our acoustic fabrics are meeting consumers’ desires for reduced noise in their daily lives, which has become an increasing requirement with growing populations.”
The company is expanding production of the material manufactured in Waynesboro, VA, which is currently used by its customers in ceiling tiles, acoustic blankets on appliances and package trays in cars. PGI sees a range of potential applications for its acoustic nonwoven offerings—from subway floors to office walls as well as in marine and airline applications.
PGI brings expertise in developing acoustic materials for the automotive industry. Another product offering, its Silonyx needlepunch material designed to silence interior vehicle noise, is being used in production vehicles by General Motors, Ford and Honda.

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