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PGI Launches New Brand Identity

September 3, 2008

Engineered materials company unveils new logo and website.

Yesterday Polymer Group, Inc. (“PGI”) launched its new brand identity, symbolizing its commitment to achieving leadership in innovation, customer satisfaction, operational excellence and global manufacturing.
“Our new logo and brand identity shows the transformation that has been underway at PGI for some time now to make us a more market-driven, customer-focused company that is dedicated to helping our customers succeed in their markets,” said CEO Veronica Hagen. “This new look speaks to the values that PGI has been known for in the industry throughout our history, while also representing our new strategic direction.”
With new bold colors and four dots above the lower-cased letters pgi, the new logo signifies the ways PGI delivers the greatest value to customers, enabling them to win in their markets, with each colored dot representing a different core strength: global capabilities (blue), operational excellence (yellow), innovative solutions (orange), and customer satisfaction (green). The company also is rebranding itself as PGI.
PGI has also revamped its website at and has added more comprehensive information on the company’s products in the hygiene, medical, wipes and industrial segments, end use applications, customer success stories, and insight into how it develops its innovative technologies and products.

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