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Tredegar Announces Price Increase

August 11, 2008

Could be as high as 20%.

In response to these unparalleled raw material, energy and transportation cost increases, Tredegar Film Products Corporation will implement price increases of up to 20% on a global basis,
contract permitting.  If current trends continue as predicted, the company will evaluate the need for additional price increases.

Nancy Taylor, president of Tredegar Film Products said, “Despite the
implementation of aggressive cost reduction initiatives earlier this year, we have been unable to offset the impact of these dramatic cost increases. We will continue our internal efforts to reduce costs without compromising the level of quality and service needed to support our customers.”

Headquartered in Richmond, VA, Tredegar Film Products is one of
the world's leading suppliers of plastic films, nonwovens and laminates for the personal care, packaging, protection and specialty market segments. Our products include components for disposable baby diapers, adult incontinent products, feminine hygiene pads, tissue and paper towel overwrap, food packaging, landscaping fabric, and plastic films for surface protection applications."

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