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PGI Donates Disposable Gowns To Olympics

August 10, 2008

6000 disposable medical supply sets were contributed.

Polymer Group (PGI) has donated disposable surgical gowns based on its advanced nonwoven materials for use by emergency responders and athletes being treated at the Olympic games in Beijing, China. As part of an ongoing initiative to help educate the Chinese medical community about the importance of disposable nonwoven medical garments in protecting against the spread of disease and infection, PGI and two Asian-based companies joined to contribute 6000 disposable medical supply sets to the Beijing Emergency Medical Center.

The surgical gowns, caps, masks and sheets donated by PGI, chemical supplier Daikin Chemicals and converter Kunshan Jiehong, will be equipped in ambulances for use by the hundreds of responders providing immediate medical care and first aid to athletes participating in the games. Over the past year, PGI has been involved with efforts to guide Chinese health agencies on the proper selection of materials and technologies to help protect workers against the spread of infection and prevent large-scale public health outbreaks.

As part of the advancement initiative underway, government agency officials have visited PGI’s world-class plant in Suzhou, China to learn about its state-of-the-art technologies and see the environment where the medical fabrics are made.