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Monadnock Launches Meltblown Program

June 16, 2008

Program aimed at developers seeking to transition from R+D-scale to industrial-scale manufacturing.

Monadnock Non-Wovens LLC, based in Mount Pocono, PA, has  announced a “Pilot to Production” program aimed at developers of fine fiber meltblown polypropylene seeking to transition from proven R+D-scale production to industrial-scale manufacturing. The program is suited for developers who seek to move to the next level of practical production, typically truckload quantities, from laboratory environments.

“There is a considerable difference in running meltblown media under test conditions to running heavy duty industrial quantities,” said Keith Hayward, managing director of Monadnock Non-Wovens. “Our unique combination of flexible polypropylene meltblown operations and combining technology with many years of practical experience is ideal for marketers with new products seeking process development.”

The principal clients would be product developers seeking characteristics or special properties in the fast-growing allergen barrier, antimicrobial or odor removal applications often used in fabric, homeland security, medical devices and some consumer products.

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