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APG Launches Reusable Wipes Dispenser

May 21, 2008

OneSystem wipes available for multisurface and glass cleaners.

APG Brands has launched OneSystem wipes (, the first series in its Environmental Home Solutions (EHS) dispensing systems. The innovative OneSystem wipes platform features a reusable, patent pending and multiple-placement dispenser. The initial wipes launch range consists of a multi-surface hygienic cleaning wipe and a glass cleaning wipe.

The OneSystem wipes dispenser was designed to be placed on countertops, neatly stored in drawers, mounted easily on the wall or inside a cabinet door in the kitchen or the bathroom, putting wipes "where and when you need them" for added convenience. The innovative dispenser with its one-handed operation and Supertrack enabled design keeps wipes moist, is easily refillable and mountable within seconds. The OneSystem wipes dispenser also saves more than 60% on packaging compared to traditional one-time use canisters and tubs.

All OneSystem wipes come in soft refill packs with the special patent pending Supertrack for quick dispenser refill changes and a better moisture seal. Furthermore, all OneSystem wipes are designed to be effective for each particular job and printed with a uniquely color coded icon to ensure that one uses "The Right Wipe for the Right Job.” For example, hygienic wipes are printed with a blue shield and cross icon, while the glass wipes with a blue window icon.

Douwe Cramer, executive director, International Development for APG Brands, said, "independent market studies show 85% of consumers would put the dispenser in the kitchen or the bathroom and two-thirds of consumers were interested to place more than one dispenser in their home, including in other rooms. This clearly demonstrates consumers like the convenience of wipes 'where and when you need them.” Furthermore, “more than 90% of consumers believe that the OneSystem wipes dispenser is more environmentally friendly that traditional canisters and tubs.”

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