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PGI Adds To Protective Apparel Offerings

April 21, 2008

Line up contains fabrics and converted garments.

Polymer Group, Inc. has unveiled an expanded family of protective apparel fabrics and converted garments that deliver enhanced safety and greater comfort for workers wearing them on the job. The new line-up includes coated and laminated fabrics with high-barrier properties and finishes to protect workers against fire, dangerous air particulates, toxic chemicals, blood transfer and other hazards. These durable materials have been designed to withstand the toughest jobs, including toxic site clean up, emergency response, cleanroom and general industrial uses.
“PGI is committed to being the leader in medical and protective apparel markets,” said Fernando Marin, senior director, global medical business. “We will continue to expand our offerings in this area to meet market needs, and to help our customers grow and succeed. We have drawn on our broad range of capabilities to develop these new protective fabrics and finished garments to enable workers to perform their jobs both safely and comfortably.”
The new offerings range from lightweight polypropylene for general purpose uses, to higher-performance coated, laminated, and flame retardant (FR) materials for a wide range of needs. These breathable and durable materials are resistant to toxic chemicals and surface resistivity, and meet ASTM, Antistatic and other requirements.
Among the company’s offerings are:
 • Pentamax—This top-of-the-line offering delivers the maximum in personal protection and comfort, with five layers of polypropylene providing a higher barrier against dry particulate and light-liquid spray than standard materials.

• PolyBreathe—This highly breathable, composite fabric offers a strong barrier for extremely fine and normal dry particulate, liquid spray and some liquid splash. It serves as a barrier to blood-born pathogens and is virtually lint free.

• Poly-Safe—Designed for splash protection against a variety of toxic and harmful chemicals, this strong two-layer composite fabric serves as a barrier to blood-born pathogens, as well as viral penetration. It is well suited for toxic spills and first responders.
• Poly-Bond—Designed for general-use applications, this economy line of products includes three basis weights and two colors of spunbond polypropylene, PE coated and PE laminated materials.
PGI also is launching new FR materials that offer softness and comfort. Made using an entangled fiber pulp (EFP) process with a FR treatment, these fabrics can be used in garments in the petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical laboratories and other markets.
This latest offering combines PGI’s expertise in developing FR fabrics for both apparel and home furnishing applications, with its technological capabilities enabling softer, more comfortable fabrics for medical gowns and drapes.

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