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Lenzing Fibers Receive Environmental Certification

April 10, 2008

Nonwovens made with Viscose, Tencel honored for biodegradability.

Nonwoven fabrics made from Lenzing Viscose and TENCEL fibers have been certified and registered by Din Certco as compostable materials. Nonwovens made from 100% Lenzing fibers meet the compostability standard because both Lenzing Viscose and TENCEL biodegrade are fully biodegradable.Rapidly rising living standards are leading to a significant increase in the consumption of nonwoven products for single use. This combined with continued pressure on landfills has created a need for biodegradable disposable products.

According to executives, Lenzing is proud to be the first fiber producer awarded the “EU-Flower”. During the past 10 years, the EU Eco-Label award has become a European-wide symbol for environmentally friendly products.

The Lenzing Group has also received many other environmental awards and certificates through the combination of environmentally sound manufacturing processes and the use of the renewable resource wood. Lenzing fibers combine the benefits of a renewable raw material with a high degree of purity, softness and absorbency, as they are made from the cellulose in wood.

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