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Rohm & Haas To Raise Prices

Published March 24, 2008
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The packaging and building materials business of Rohm & Haas, Philadelphia, PA, will increase prices 6%-8% for certain products.
The company plans to raise prices on all acrylic-, vinyl acrylic- and styrene acrylic-based emulsions and solution acrylic polymers sold to the North American nonwovens, textiles, pressure sensitive adhesives and construction adhesives industries.

The increases of 4 cents a pound for emulsion polymers and additives and 5-8 cents per pound for solvent-borne polymers will take effect on April 1, or as contracts allow, the company said.

Rohm and Haas said the increases were prompted by the continued escalation of petroleum-based feedstock materials, increases in freight and transportation costs as well as further increases in energy costs.