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K-C Launches Odor Control Media

March 5, 2008

Two-layer construction delivers particulate filtration and odor removal.

Kimberly-Clark brand odor control filtration media from Kimberly-Clark Filtration Products deliver particulate filtration performance with added odor removal technology to deliver clean, fresh, odor-free air, thanks in part to its two-layer construction.  The upstream layer provides particulate filtration and protects the downstream carbon layer from particulate loading, to ensure maximum odor removal capability.  The downstream layer is made of activated carbon, one of the strongest physical adsorbents, which rapidly adsorbs and retains gaseous contaminants.
“Filters with Kimberly-Clark brand odor control filtration media allow building owners to add gas phase filtration in single-stage systems without sacrificing particulate filtration performance,” said Ronald Cox, market manager, Kimberly-Clark Filtration Products.  “The new media also makes excellent pre-filters for multistage systems.”
Kimberly-Clark brand odor control filtration media are ideal for facilities such as restaurants, gymnasiums, fitness centers, beauty salons, doctor’s offices, laboratories, pet stores, veterinary clinics and other commercial and institutional buildings.  It is effective with odors including:

The new odor control filtration media is made of thermally bonded, 100% synthetic fibers that resist shedding.  The activated carbon components are securely bonded as well to prevent carbon shedding.  The media can be made into one-inch, two-inch, and four-inch pleated air filters and has excellent pleatability for sharp, crisp pleats.

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