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PolyChem Building Tech Center

February 28, 2008

Efforts will focus on geo-friendly products.

PolyChem Alloy, Inc headquartered in Lenoir, NC. has broken ground on a 1000-square-meter technology center dedicated to providing geo-friendly antibacterial/antifungal solutions to the health care industry.

Ron McGregor, director of European operations based in the U.K. said the newly established technology center is expected to be complete by the first quarter of 2008. This center will be a conduit to solving bacterial, fungal and bio-film issues related to all areas of polymers—from molded and extruded components to fibers and coatings.

The state-of-the-art facility will assist customers in locating solutions to their individual problems in the antimicrobial efficacy in plastics. In addition, PCA has the discipline and technical know-how to customize and optimize the intended performance of an antimicrobial agent in an array of polymer substrates—low and high temperature polymers.

The Polysept line of geo-friendly antimicrobial additives and masterbatches have been developed in an effort to eliminate toxic and carcinogen producing antimicrobial agents (heavy metal and/or chlorinated phenols) currently flooding the markets. The company is currently launching the next generation of Polysept  products, (a novel proprietary bactericide and fungicide additive) developed by PCA which is currently under U.S. and European patent office review.

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