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EMS-Griltech Adds Spray Applicator

January 10, 2008

Investment allows company to demonstrate hotmelt spray characteristics.

EMS-Griltech has purchased and installed a Nordson universal meltblown spray applicator at its technical service Lab in Sumter, SC.  This applicator allows the company to demonstrate hotmelt spray characteristics of Griltex copolyester and copolyamide adhesives. The 12-inch wide applicator can spray copolyester and copolyamide adhesives with a viscosity of up to 500 Pa-s with a minimum coating weight of 5 gsm

"This investment represents our strong customer support through in-house trials with Griltex products," said Christian Arnold, technical service manager. "With this equipment, we will be able to demonstrate the use of EMS' Griltex products via spray application as a viable process."

As a development partner, EMS offers tailor-made products, development of new products, on-site technical service, analytical testing capabilities.  

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