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United Launches New Spunbond PET Technology

January 3, 2008

IsoPET combines strength and functionality

United Nonwovens, LLC, Mobile, AL, has introduced IsoPET spunbond PET substrates for the durables markets. Already one of America’s low cost producers of spunbond polyester, with IsoPET United Nonwovens is combining all of the strength and functional attributes that polyester can provide.

United Nonwovens' IsoPET spunbond is considered a cost competitive alternative to polypropylene spunbond for many applications and is available in most basis weights and width ranges up to 3.3meters (130 inches). Polyester is already the choice of many spunbond users due to its high melting point, printability and ability to pleat for filtration applications.

United Nonwovens spunbond IsoPET substrates are essentially 100% square in MD/CD tensile strength and elongation, a unique quality to the spunbond industry. This means that machine direction and cross direction ratios are closer to 1:1 than any commercial product sold today.

Manufactured in the U.S., IsoPET can be delivered to almost anywhere within North America and Europe via mobile seaport, truck, rail or air systems and with unparalleled door-to-door delivery times.

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