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Chicopee Introduces Industrial Cleaning Wipes

October 24, 2007

DuraWipe XTRA wipes feature Spinlace technology

Chicopee, a division of Polymer Group, has unveiled new extended-use, heavy-duty industrial cleaning wipes that feature a pulp-based, three-layered material construction and the latest Spinlace technology to deliver greater absorption and strength with lower linting at value pricing.
Made with a highly absorbent core pulp, DuraWipe XTRA wipes quickly absorb water and oil, while the outer layers reduce linting. These high-end wipes are compatible with both oil- and water-based solvents and can be used in a variety of heavy-duty, repeated-use cleaning applications.
DuraWipe XTRA wipes are the first product from Chicopee to feature the company’s new Spinlace technology that combines several technologies and processes, including its proprietary Apex process, to create stronger, highly absorbent nonwoven materials with a better value proposition than traditional wipes.
DuraWipe XTRA wipe’s additional layer and pulp center makes it stronger than regular two-layered wipes in wet and dry cleaning uses. These fabrics are also soft to the touch, like cloth towels, have a uniform appearance and can incorporate three-dimensional images for additional performance characteristics.  

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