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Combined Spunbond/Airlaid Line Onstream

Published September 20, 2007
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Ascania Vliesstoffe GmbH, Aschersleben, Germany, an affiliated company of the Albis Group, has brought online the first combined process nonwovens production line from Oerlikon Neumag. The Ascania project comprises three different web-forming processes with a production width of four meters: an Oerlikon Neumag bicomponent spunbond beam, an M&J airlaid forming head and a carding machine. The webs are bonded by a Fleissner Aquajet spunlace system. Apart from the delivery of the machines and components, Oerlikon Neumag was also responsible for the total engineering of the plant in close cooperation with the customer.

With a combined plant, not just one technology, as is the case with traditional nonwovens production processes, but several different technologies for producing nonwovens are integrated in one process. The individual advantages of the different web forming technologies and the various raw materials applied are thus combined in one nonwoven production process. This can, for example, be a combination of a high tenacity with a high liquid absorption and soft touch, as is necessary with high-quality wipes.

A key advantages of this combined process is not only optimized product qualities and characteristics but, due to the integrated production process, improved cost structures in comparison to traditional production processes.