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Innovations in Spunlace

Published September 17, 2007
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Speaking of Aquajet, Fleissner is showcasing two extremes of spunlace innovation in its Jumbo-AQUAJet, and LeanJet products.   Touting a beam of greater than 5 meters, the “jumbo” has been in continuous high-speed operation for over a year, while the latter is newly available for producers who require high-quality outputs at reduced production levels, and at lower investment costs.  

Another innovation, steam entangling, also seems to have promise.  Developed in cooperation with STFI in Chemnitz (Germany) the Fleissner SteamJet system harnesses both hydraulic and thermal energy for the creation of potentially new nonwoven processes. By steam, we mean steam that is hot enough to be classified as “dry,” and that can for example thermally bond bicomponent fiber, entangle superabsorbent fibers, be counted on to produce the effects of a good dryer, and potentially eliminate the need for much of the typical filtration/purification plant from the typical hydroentangling operation.  

Another Fleissner innovation is an inspection system for jet strips so that newly cleaned bores can be optically reviewed.  Failing inspection, strips are automatically returned to the cleaner.  Reliably, automatically cleaned strips would result in greater fabric uniformity and overall quality, while reducing production down time.

Photo courtesy of Fleissner