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Hyperlacing Technology

September 17, 2007

The DILO Group is presenting a new technology is calls 'hyperlacing'.

The DILO Group is presenting a new technology it calls “hyperlacing.”  Designed as an alternative to spunlacing, hyperlacing is expected to process batt as light as 35 gsm with high density needling to deliver material with high surface friction resistance for medical and wipes applications.  Hyperlacing uses four needle boards, two upstroke and two downstroke, each equipped with about 20,000 fine barb (.02 depth) needles per meter of working width that deliver single fiber transport for the entanglement of virtually any fiber at very high stitching densities.  The heart of the process is the new Cyclopunch needling method that keeps the needle moving with the material around a circular path for higher throughput.  The new design guides both needle and fleece on a path, keeping the needle consistently vertical to the fleece plane.  The process also involves the implementation of a pre-needling webforming stage for which the Hyper-Line input unit is offered.  With the pre-needing and several cyclopunch units in a single line, it is suggested that the new hyperlacing process may reach throughput speeds of over 100 meters per minute.

Photo courtesy of DILO Group

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