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RKW Invests In Rieter Line

August 27, 2007

RKW-Group has invested in a SPUNjet line from Rieter.

Film and nonwovens manufacturer RKW-Group has invested in a SPUNjet line from Rieter. In April, RKW decided to add spunlacing capacity at its facilities in Gronau, Germany, with the acquisition of a new production line capable of producing spunlaced continuous fiber nonwovens. The new SPUNjet technology benefits from the unique uniformity of the spunlaid web produced by the Rieter PERFObond 3000 machine combined with state-of-the-art JETlace 3000 hydroentanglement technology.

With this new investment, RKW will offer the nonwovens industry a new generation of nonwoven products with enhanced bulkiness and softness, exceptional tensile strength, and MD:CD ratios close to 1:1. With its latest acquisition of Hydrospun Nonwoven GmbH located in Halberstadt, Germany, RKW is a unique supplier of SPUNjet and boasts a capacity of more than 10,000 tons per year.

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